Autumn in 10 acts

October 8, 2020

Each autumn is different now. I cannot predict them. When I was a girl, the trees were bare as skeletons by Halloween. Now I can go on a color shoot in November. This year, autumn’s trick is to appear in several acts. It’s as if the trees are changing color one at a time. Therefore it is a long autumn, and I like it. All those warm, fuzzy things that comfort us in fall can linger. An early fall means the pumpkins and gourds on the front porch can be enjoyed in a more hospitable habitat - crisp cool breezes instead of rotting heat. The corn shocks and hobby shop scarecrows won't look pathetic, withering in the sun. One afternoon early this month we left the still-green streets of town for the lake in this picture, just a few miles into the woods. The color took us by surprise. It was autumn already, and this was only the opening act. You never know about seasons anymore, especially autumn. But I think in this year, of all years, we deserve this extended sip of pumpkin spice.

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