Plant it and they will come

Maybe I just notice butterflies more later in summer. August is usually butterfly month for me. That's when the tall wildflowers push their stalks above the brush and serve the fluttering things, whether butterfly, bee or even a hummingbird juicing up for the long journey south. This has been a rainy June – and it was a wet and flooding spring – and I’ve never seen wildflowers so prolific. Every succeeding wave of blooms since March has seemed to me the crop of my lifetime. In nature loving circles, we often hear the plea to plant our gardens

and green spaces with butterflies in mind. Our state parks her in Missouri have enabled swaths of milkweed to bloom wherever they can grow. And this was a banner year, in number and beauty of their pink and purple flowers. In this dark wet June it’s been easy to spot fluttering things alighting on these elegant buffets. Sometimes in vibrant parties of three. I call this photograph Party of Three. Plant it and they will come. I’m glad our park staff did exactly that.

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