Kids 'n dogs 'n outtakes

Perhaps you are your family’s photographer. Smartphones may have made that position, like so many others, obsolete. Yet occasionally there’s the desire for a formal portrait with everyone dressed up, smiling and looking at the camera. I was recently summoned to the local park to take family photos which included two of my best friends (aged 4 and 7) and their giant puppy. Oh, and their parents. It’s not easy being an active kid in a park with a puppy - and unable to get dirty. And it’s hard to mind a photographer who is usually playing kickball or Uno with you and lets you eat ice cream with french fries. The challenge of getting two kids and one big puppy looking in the same direction at the same time produced some fun outtakes. It also produced some lovely results, not through any skill on my part, because, who can take credit for the adorableness of dogs and kids? I call this collection Dogs 'n Kids. Happy Summer!

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