Exactly where I meant to be

I love summer travel. Day trip, month trip; I just like to go and see, especially during the months when so many others are doing the same thing. I enjoy the camaraderie of the road and sky. I finally made it to Martha’s Vineyard this summer. Finally stood overlooking the Aquinnah Cliffs and it was exactly where I meant to be. I’d seen the images, photographs on travel sites, even Instagram selfies where the cliffs take bokeh second billing. Our driver on the island bus cautioned that the ride out would take an hour. But I had been waiting for years and the journey across the island in the basic bus was exactly where I meant to be. When we arrived, the sun squinted over the clouds and the wind tugged my hair straight up. I was pleased the Cliffs were protected, yet still forbidding and very wild. The public viewing area was unfussy and underdeveloped, perfect. With the rhythm of Nantucket Sound in my ears I filled my eyes with the Cliffs, the lighthouse, the Sound. It was exactly where I meant to be. I call this photograph Aquinnah. Now the Cliffs are mine, too.

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