Dogwood daze

Some years Mother Nature parses spring blooms like a strict mom who’s unsure allowance is a necessary thing. This year Mother won the lottery. Spring blooms have been big, bold and long lasting - and on time for the first time in several seasons. Landscaped dogwoods are lovely; few Midwestern homeowners set up housekeeping without one in the yard. This year, however, the wild dogwoods have trimmed the newly thawed woodlands like white lace. With the taller trees still budding and the fading florets of the red buds scattering to the wind, the April under story reigns in sun-dazzled white. I love abundant years. I’m blinded by the white, cocksure that rain will come in moderation, sun in abundance, temperatures will remain temperate. I’m in a dogwood daze and Mother Nature is spending my inheritance this month. I call this photograph Blinded by the White. When the dogwood blooms, everything is possible.

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