When worlds collide

I’ve seen snowflakes on daffodils in March, even February. Whether the snow was late or the flowers early, spring colliding into winter is not unusual. Winter muscling in on autumn’s territory is much less common. In fact, I don’t recall it in my lifetime, not here. Fall was forever in arriving this year and with the gold still gilding the maples, winter spun forward piling up big wet flakes on the still green grass. The sun and the sleds soon came out, however, as November attempted to regain its glory. Those blue skies only served to illumine a marvelous collision of the seasons. I donned my boots and ran for the city park – you know how first snowfalls are. Others were there, blessed as I was to see this brief collision of autumn and winter before the sun repaired the beautiful aberration and returned us to the rightful season. I call this photo of the chapel in park Blessings, of course. You know how those first snowfalls are.

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