Happy trails to me

It’s hot, gnats are in full annoyance, and that glistening bit of ribbon alongside the trail up ahead is probably a snake. All true. However the bounty of July trails, in those few weeks when the foliage is jungle green and the wildlife is not yet under the urgency of changing fortunes, those days are made to boot up and savor the largess of the midsummer woods and fields. Birds are louder, every creature from deer to lizard bolder and much more likely to tolerate primate footfalls. To be sure, green is the dominate July color in my region. The accentuating hues, however, are the most vivid to be enjoyed before the leaves change in autumn. Sunny yellow Black-Eyed Susans fringe every scrap of land where the sun shines; electric orange butterfly weed attracts a feeding frenzy of neon butterflies oblivious to nature paparazzi like me. July is when I sight a Scarlet Tanager. Sometimes, an Indigo Bunting. Tiny jewels, like butter yellow chanterelle mushrooms, scatter themselves along these happy trails. The showy scarlet trumpets of the Indian Pink on the glade

can stop you in your tracks. There is something about steamy green midsummer hikes, the endurance and the reward, that makes for happy trails indeed. I call this collage Summer Trails. Get your boots on before the wildflowers go to seed and the wildlife return to the grim business of survival.

Copyright RC 2018

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