Video killed the radio star

I remember the 1980s. A friend got MTV as soon as it came out and, yes, we all sat around the TV watching like it was the moon landing. Trivia buffs and old people know that the first video song played on the first MTV broadcast was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. Music video formats were supposed to kill traditional radio formats. Overstated, but that was the feeling then. Wait – what does this have to do with a photography blog? My newfound fascination with video may be killing my photography! Video has become so easy. Our phones come with a video app and a hundred more are available for download as skills increase. We carry a video camera around in our pockets. With editing capability. And then there’s YouTube . . . swoosh, mind blown. I recently hiked a trail where I would have normally taken endless May wildflower photos. There was even a little waterfall to animate the shadowy canyon with a soothing trickle. Ordinarily my phone would not have left my backpack and my Canon would have ridden shotgun on my shoulder. This time I carried my iPhone in my sweaty little hand the entirety of the hike – even over creek crossings – because I couldn’t stop videoing. Result: I had no good still shots when I got home. Is video killing my photography star? A lot of my photography comes from the need to share my experiences. Video allows me the chance to let you actually hear that trickling waterfall in the shadowy wood. However I also believe that the goal of still photography is the same – framing up a shot in such a way that you, well, hear the waterfall. It’s a conundrum. I call this photography Can You Hear the Water? Can you?

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Can you?


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