Finding color in winter

I enjoy hiking with my camera in winter. No snakes, no gnats – what could be better? Don’t have to watch where I step and don’t have to reek of insect repellent. Cold air is bracing to the will; it spurs me forward, once I make the decision to don my scarf and gloves. What winter doesn’t offer, however, is color. Where I live anyway, the dominant winter pallet is brown, black and gray. We don’t even seem to have much snow anymore. No bright winter white backdrop for the cardinals in the evergreens. No lacy flakes to fringe the pine cones. There are plenty of moody branches aligned against the moodier winter sky. Sometimes the sky helps lift my color-loving spirits. It can be so brilliantly blue in winter that it hurts; and winter sunsets can firestorm the prism. More likely these days, however, our winter sky hibernates in gray. The most reliable burst of color to feed my photographer’s soul in winter are the mosses. It is the time of year to celebrate them. Before the leaves overshadow their verdure and the wildflowers steal their show, appreciate the neon allure of the mosses. Give them their due. I call this photograph Green Velvet. This old wintry tree wears it very well.

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