Strike a pose

Wildlife photography. Always a hoot. My father was a sportsman, so I’ve heard a thousand stories about the one that got away. I hunt with a camera, not a gun, and I don’t possess a lens that requires a pack mule to carry it. Therefore I must get relatively cozy with my photographic prey, and I have as many encounters as captures. Encounters are nice; but I am a photographer. I’ve learned that the gentlest of car door releases will spook a fox trotting a field’s length from the road. Hiking? The one time you encounter a black bear with three – three – cubs on the far side of the river you probably won’t have the right lens on your camera. You learn to shoot with the lens you have rather than fumble for the telephoto in your current best bag ever - because the bear family is ambling behind a curtain of trees. The encounter is worth it; but I am a photographer. There are blinds and tree stands. Some wildlife areas and parks indeed provide photography blinds, and a makeshift blind can be as simple as a lawn chair and a camoflage blanket. However, sometimes - the best times - the animal helps you out. There is a simpatico of creature-dom. The baby alligator suspends herself in the emerald water long enough for you to fish the proper lens from your current best camera bag ever. Sometimes your company is so pleasant – or the nectar so sweet – that a monarch butterfly will magnanimously linger on the bloom when you forget to remove your lens cap. And then sometimes a deer is so wild that she doesn’t know - or so protected that she doesn’t fear - that she simply strikes a pose. I call this photograph My Favorite Deer. Because she was a model subject.

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