Wake up!

I continue to hike and photograph in winter. Even a snowless winter has its charm and hue. However when those tiny winks of March color open up against the dead leaves that have blanketed the woods since Thanksgiving it awakens me. There are many parts to a photographer’s psyche. One aspect has to be the need to capture fleeting things. Early spring wildflowers are odd and glorious and they don’t last long. And there's always one glowing afternoon in spring between bare branches and hard summer greens when the trees are luminous with translucent buds, and I just have to be there for it. Get up every day ready to encounter spring. Let it sharpen your appetite, at no cost for the feasting. Parks are free. Windows open. Do you have a yard? Children in tune with nature’s rhythm always have something bigger than themselves, or their classmates, or the whims of their generation in which to believe. They always have a reliable example of God’s handiwork. We just have to wake up and take them outside. I call this photograph of red trillium (also called wake robin, tee hee) Awaken! Consider it your alarm. Now get out there!

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