Not according to plan

I am a planner. My annotated life plans are a source of amusement for my family and a comfort to me. Many of those who say they never plan anything are often, upon closer inspection, shepherded through this life by a conscientious relative or spouse – or forever online posting the details of their daily unforeseen crises. However, I realized decades ago that every good plan also needs a Part B. The planners who go bonkers are those who wed themselves to a program until death does them part. I like to call myself cautiously flexible. I’ll go to Plan B, but my DNA just doesn’t accept being unprepared. The natural world doesn’t always follow our human template for it. Except for one hit-and-run ice storm, we had no real winter in the Lower Midwest. Fruit trees and spring flowering bushes bloomed in mid-February, unseen in my lifetime. A cold snap is forecast and I’ve spent a warm afternoon photographing magnolias and cherry blossoms – blooms that will crumple to brown if the temperature falls below freezing. Nature has not gone according to plan this winter. The human response is predictably varied. It’s global warming. No, this happens all the time. Yes, our weather has become like the mid-South’s. This’ll be a terrible spring for farmers. This’ll be a wonderful spring for tourism. The only universal is that the bugs will be bad. When it comes to an issue as leviathan as climate, why not at least be cautiously flexible? No planner worth her salt would ditch all her research. No planner worth a dime would strike out unprepared, relying on the kindly foresight of strangers if things do not go according to plan. I call this photograph Unabashedly Unplanned. Nature does what it will. The smart money prepares for all outcomes. Our government must be smart.

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