A rare balance

Ice storms rely upon rare and specific balances in nature. The treacherous glaze depends upon winter conjuring up a layer of sufficiently warm air to muscle its way in between two layers of air which are sufficiently cold. A degree north on the thermometer and that moisture falls to Earth as winter rain. A few degrees south and it will tumble to the ground as snow. The temperature could remain cold enough to entomb a neighborhood, a city, a region in ice for days, collapsing power lines, roofs, and century-old trees like matchsticks. And yet this dangerous fairyland can disappear in an hour given a cloudless sun and 35 degree temps. An ice storm is terrible and it is beautiful. This month I had the privilege to wander the woods after an ice storm which was a rarity – lovely to look at and relatively danger-free. I went out in the morning and by the time I returned home in mid-afternoon the ice had all but melted. Photography captures the fleeting. It was a privilege to be caught in that rare balance near a pristine yet accessible state park. Thank God for our parks, because that morning in the tinkling, icy woods was like church. I call this photo Two Lane Cathedral. I was honored to have it featured on CNNiReport’s social media feeds, and you may have also seen it on your local news report.

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