The office

For many years my office was a desk-and-chair island surrounded by a sea of students and books. I was walled in by mere glass, able to watch the autumn colors rise and fall on a particularly maple-rich hill beyond campus or watch a redbud tree sprout and seed in the courtyard outside the front door. As our mission grew, however, my view was obstructed here, then five years later, there, by a succession of new buildings to house our success. I finally advanced to an office all my own, allowed to design the perfect work space conceived out of years making do on the island. I picked out the world’s most functional desk. A chair with padding. Warm sand walls. But, alas, I had no windows. Not a single one. I made due with computer screen savers of the great outdoors.

As a photographer, my office now is ever-changing. I don’t always have a chair. No air conditioning. Unheated in winter. But the view, ah, the view is unobstructed, and with the variety of a million screen savers. I call this photograph The Office, depicting my work space and the tools of my trade on a particularly stunning September day.

Copyright RC 2016

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