Reclamation project

I love to come upon old structures nearly reclaimed by the earth. They don't have to be neat; rust and rotting wood make their own oddly beautiful symmetry when entangled in grapevines and wildflowers. As do the seasons. I watch the seasons transform one particular rusty metal shed along a scrub of ground by the highway, framing photos in my mind. In winter it looks like a charcoal drawing and in autumn that shed becomes the stuff of greeting cards. I cannot even see it in summer after the deciduous vines riot in green leaves big as a farmer’s hand. My favorite circumstance, however, is to come upon one of these natural reclamation projects unexpectedly, where the structure struggles to remain upright in a silent meadow or wood, peeking through the brush with a thousand muffled histories fading back into the earth. As I've said before, each piece of ground is a series of occupations. Mother Earth wastes no time in settling her claims.

I call this photo Reclamation Project. No more meetings here. Nature has settled all items on the agenda.

Copyright RC 2016

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