Little ducks

All that youth culture stuff back in the 1960s was probably a mistake. I realize that the soldiers returning from World War II and their spouses worked hard for the ability to indulge their children. But no culture in history ever valued inexperience over wisdom. In pop culture terms, Pete Townshend didn’t die before he got old; he bought an estate and sold his counter-culture anthems to advertising agencies for boatloads of cash. That is reality, but also an adult's perspective on the culture of her youth. My nephew took a course called the History of Rock two years ago and when he heard My Generation for the first time in his life, he thought it was the coolest thing ever. This adult loves her classic rock, but my view is that it is with humans as it ever was in nature; just like howler monkeys or mallard ducks, it is the responsibility of adults to teach and prepare the young. Little ducks need a big duck to get them to the other side of the pond. In American youth-oriented high school-worshiping culture, it is important that young people learn to wonder at life with patience, fearlessness, and joy - not dread it. Recently on a simple family outing, I looked up from my camera to realize our 29 year-old was taking pictures of wildflowers, our 25 year-old was videoing the rushing water in a stream, our 22 year-old was trying to snap a shot of a surfacing trout, and our 4 year-old was mad because she had forgotten her camera. There’s no feeling of accomplishment to compare with it; my ducks are safely crossing. I call this photograph Equipped.

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