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I’m not alone in my longing. Advertisements, movies, greeting cards all tweak our American longing for simplicity during the holidays, even as we transform Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the rest of the December celebrations into trials of endurance. Thanksgiving began as a quiet holiday with a turkey and a pie. Shopping on Friday? That was okay, especially if you were the one who spent Thanksgiving in the kitchen. But then the shopping part got its mitts on Thanksgiving Day, relegating the feast to an inconvenience to appease grandmothers and aunts. Black Thursday, however, is recent and an easy target. I had friends in the 1980s that began cooking and freezing homemade Christmas candy in October. I’ve spent many holiday wee hours in the kitchen, many dollars on gifts I couldn’t afford, many hours rushing to holiday activities I didn’t wish to attend. I left undone the simple things I’d planned to do when thoughts of Christmas first danced in my head the day after Halloween. That’s when an increasing number of people begin erecting a Christmas tree in every room, only to spend the next two months worrying about getting the decorations down again and packed away. Which they do on Christmas afternoon. I began downsizing my holidays years ago after the Christmas my fiancé and I were unable to find time to open our gifts together until December 28. This year, as caregiver for my ailing mother, I downsized even further. Our tree was small, but continuously lit. Our music was the holiday channel on cable. Our treat, the port wine cheese she loves. And I will forever remember falling asleep to the crackling fire in the hearth on our iPads. I call this photograph A Simple Noel. Peace be with you.

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