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Where I live, autumn hiking is the best hiking. Fall color begins from the soil up and reigns in one hue or another from September through November. The gnats die away so I’m not swatting; the snakes withdraw so I can look up. It’s rarely cold. The sun in autumn acts as the perfect photographer’s flash. After a muggy, hazy mid-Mississippi Valley summer, the outdoors in autumn look like the first time I shot 800 speed color film. In this clarity, I don’t like anything getting between me and my photographer’s buzz. Hiking with my camera is the only time when there is no time. There's no alarm set in my head for duties, obligations, deadlines, doubts. I belong to no known constituencies; I drag no bags. I don’t need a tripod, a 4-way flashlight, a Fitbit, a backpack full of photo equipment, a backpack full of protein bars. I want two lenses and my buffalo socks. I want to lose myself in the cathedral of the trees, and leave all the baggage on the church steps. I call this photograph Entering the Cathedral. Church open every day.

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