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So much in our lives revolves around our stuff. In my rural county, old stands of trees and former cornfields are routinely plowed into waves of metal storage units, a cheap way for investors to collect rent on stuff people don’t need any more. I know people who mark the days until vacation so they can spend an entire week cleaning and maintaining their stuff. Perfectly wonderful people shy away from everything from joining a church to dating because they believe they don’t have the requisite amount of stuff. With photographers, too, the conversation often ends up comparing who has the biggest stuff. If your stuff makes you happy, I’m not criticizing. If it doesn’t, then liberate yourself. If you are a budding photographer, however, don’t allow your lack of stuff to cause you to miss a thing. Keep taking pictures with what you have. Remember disposable cameras? I was in New York City on a rainy August day in 2000 and took this photograph coming back on the Liberty Island ferry. The Towers took your break away. So imposing, you couldn’t really see them until you got out on the water. I call this photograph There They Are! I took this picture with a Fuji disposable camera from Walmart. A year later, I was glad I had. This photograph is dedicated to the people we lost that day, and the people who tried to save them.

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