As the sign out front says, we’re dedicated to the art of life appreciation on this website. However, working a little life appreciation into a busy day isn’t always easy. As I stumbled out the front door one morning last week, pulling my coat sleeve over the to-do list clenched in my mittened fist, my breath was taken by a sparkling, startling hard frost and the crystalline transformation it performed on my ordinary street. I looked down at my to-do list and, channeling my inner Elsa, let it go - for an hour anyway. Tiny ice crystals clung to everything, even my exhaled breath as it rose to intertwine with the frosted branches above me. If your family includes a girl under age ten, you couldn’t help but think of Elsa, the Disney princess who couldn’t help but turn everything icy. Elsa’s popularity has been astounding. More than once while shopping I’ve encountered little girls sitting cross-legged in mom’s cart fearlessly belting out Elsa’s anthem of liberation. No, fellas, this isn't against you. Elsa’s theme is about acceptance and personal liberty; about being who you are. The global popularity of both the song and Elsa’s story has to speak to a universal desire to drop life’s baggage at the door, the eternal longing for inner peace. As I wandered with my camera through Elsa’s icy world last week, I wished for all our local school kids to have desks by windows. The rambling, inefficient schoolhouses of my childhood had enormous windows, and I learned a lot looking out them. I hoped the kids were able to see this blue-white transformation until the last finger of late morning sun took it all away. I call this photograph For Elsa, for those


little girls fearlessly belting out Let it Go from mom’s supermarket cart. Besides, the cold never bothered me anyway.

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