Is November dreary?

I pose this question for us all - not just nature photographers, but for commuters homeward bound in the new twilight, for farmers astride elephantine tractors trailing veils of red, black, brown dust, for city girls in their icy-toed stilletos ducking the cement skies, and to hunters crunching the dead oak leaves of the Red States under a broad Hunter's Moon. I call this photograph The Majesty of Bare Trees because, well, I do think there is a majesty to trees relieved of their foliage. Is it because I live in Missouri, a region with four distinct seasons, that I find freedom in the simple elegance of nature scaled back for a few months? True, I feel deprived if I can't visit the southern beaches once a year. Yet sometimes I think living in a tropical climate would be like living your life in an overly accessorized evening gown. Sometimes a girl just needs clean, simple lines. November nature photography can be a challenge north of the Mason-Dixon. But I challenge myself to walkabout, to look. And those leaves? Stay tuned. I live in the Midwest. I'll be begging for the green canopy in March. Copyright 2014 RC

Kiwi popsicle

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